CurtainUpload provides you with everything you need to keep your students performing even when the theatre is dark! A catalog of titles designed especially for streaming, CurtainUpload removes the technical burden of digital performance. 

Here’s How It Works:

  1. You select a show from our growing catalog of plays and musicals by award-winning writing teams.
  2. We give you accessible digital scripts, scores, rehearsal tracks, shot lists, marketing materials, and an education pack.
  3. You direct and choreograph your production; rehearsals can be held in person or digitally. You provide sets and costumes, which can be as elaborate or minimal as you choose.
  4. You record your students (cell phone cameras are fine) according to our fully-realized shooting script and send us the recordings.
  5. We’ll send you back a fully-executed digital production, which is yours to keep! Put it up on YouTube for free, sell tickets to a single stream, show it in class, whatever you’d like!